Trends In Web Design 2020

As every year, we start with the 2020 trends in web design. Remember that if you have not renewed the aesthetic aspects of your website for years, it may look obsolete.

Well, let’s see what is carried out in web design 2020 in case you want to follow trends; as we always comment, it is not that you have to apply all of them in all cases; we start from the basis that the fundamental thing is that your corporate image is consistent with your business and your potential customers.

And of course, the limit is in the budget that is available, as if we want to open a physical business, we can already like Google facilities very much, for example, that it is difficult for us to have the budget to make them come true.

Personalized content

This trend has been going strong. However, it is not only about design, but rather it is web programming, and it is about customizing content for users according to their tastes, actions, preferences, etc.

Until now, this dynamization and personalization of the content have only been carried out by large companies, such as Amazon, for example, which modifies its cover according to the user who browses it, but it is going to become popular, yes, we must bear in mind that it is not a function simple to program, you have to be very clear about the variables to modify the content, what content to show in each case and similar issues. Here the budget is important.

Dynamic elements

Not only does the content shown to the user require dynamism, the web design and layout themselves also require it: animations, videos, colors in dynamic gradients, etc.

For example, the hover effect, which is nothing new, but in 2020 it will be a very strong trend for larger parts of web pages such as backgrounds and complete images.

Asymmetric web design

The asymmetrical, cared, and justified compositions look very good; they increase flexibility and dynamism.

The key is in the balance between text, spaces, and other graphic elements so as not to make the user dizzy and confuse.

As we say, this must be done very well, very carefully.


Vivid, gradient colors are still going strong in 2020.

Other 2020 color combinations for graphic design or web design are orange and peach, mustard, and beige, black, and lime, strong and striking orange colors along with bluish-green tones, scarlet color combined with black. Also, pink, along with electric blue, is a very cool combination.

The terracotta and sand tones, both inspired by the earth, are very versatile to combine together and even with more colors, being able to achieve different sensations. For example, they can be very romantic and warm, that is why they have been used and are used a lot in weddings.


Very large and bold typefaces are a very clear trend in 2020 that has already been emerging since 2019.

The main trendy fonts in 2020 are:

FREE FAT – As a huge typeface, this is definitely the 2020 trend

CUNIA: with rounded corners, very beautiful, but it does not serve as unique typography on the web since it only contains capital letters, but we can use it in titles, for example.

RALEWAY: It is part of the sans-serif family, and one of its main advantages is the number of styles it offers. We can use it as a single font for a web project or, if we combine it with other fonts, it is ideal to be chosen for the titles.

MONTSERRAT: like the Raleway typeface, it is characterized by having several styles, being able to be chosen as a single typeface for a web project or, if we combine it with other typefaces, we can choose it for the titles. It is a very legible, modern, and curved typeface.

LATO: part of the sans-serif family and combines well with Raleway typography, both web design to graphic design.

POPPINS: It is also part of the sans-serif family, and one of its main characteristics is that it works very well on screens, which is why many web designers use it for their projects.

ROBOTO: We have already used it several times; it looks great in web design; it is very readable, simple but with a special touch. Precisely because of its simplicity and minimalism, it is ideal to combine with other typefaces, for example, with Palanquín or Oswald.

Hand made fonts are also still in fashion, yes, be careful that they are being used in businesses that do not stick, as if there were some wonderful mister fever, especially in graphic design!

Other trends in web design that are already in 2019 and will continue in 2020 are the use of videos as a background, the parallax effect, the use of chatbots, and 3D and 4D designs.

Web Design AndSEO Positioning, Pillars Of Digital Marketing

Web design and SEO positioning have become the mainstays of digital marketing. With the arrival of new technologies, it is very important to have an updated and visible web page, and it is precisely here where web design and SEO positioning come into play.

And this is nothing new, but there are still businesses that do not apply it!

Other factors to take into account in this field are the loading speed of the website, the modern and pleasant design of the same, or the compatibility for various platforms. In addition to all this, the selection of multimedia content or the user experience must also be taken into account.

As for the other trend, that of SEO positioning, it is a fundamental factor for the success of the project. The SEO is responsible for generating traffic to the site and placing it among the top search results. To achieve this, exhaustive studies of the content of the pages must be carried out.

Hand in hand with positioning goes the creation of content, which is a way of managing authentic and quality content on the website. Ideally, to achieve better results in this regard is that this content is related to another of similar characteristics in other places.

As can be seen today, both web design and SEO positioning are factors to take into account in the field of digital marketing. This especially influences small and large companies, since, through an updated website, they can reach a much wider target.

Digital Marketing In Times Of Pandemic

Although for many businesses, this may not be the best time, it should be clear that investing in digital marketing can be very beneficial for them. And is that during the period of confinement, Internet consumption has not stopped increasing, as well as online purchases, and this may be the key to everything.

In addition, the situation has made age and sex no longer determining factors when using the internet, since many older people have had to face new technologies out of strict necessity, and the smallest of the house have begun to navigate to meet educational or entertainment goals.

On the other hand, digital connectivity has also contributed to this change in the direction of purchasing habits, since carrying out any type of management during these months depended on it. A good example of this is the increase in the purchase of food online; the growth has been impressive.

We affirm that the business opportunities at this time are endless. It is now when there are many people who have just started in new technologies, and for this reason alone, there are numerous companies that have to look for options other than traditional advertising to reach them; for this, digital marketing is key.

The truth is that there are many tools that can be used, and that will help confirm all the benefits of digital marketing in business:

Display ads are one of them since these ads on digital media offer greater visibility. It should be borne in mind that everything that allows us to know the last hour of the virus has considerably increased its consumption, as well as the consumption of the internet, hence they are a key tool.

Regarding SEO, it should be noted that it is not something that can be achieved immediately, since it is the result of many months’ work, but the truth is that the benefits of it are worth it. For example, working during the time of confinement in the same translates into results for the arrival of normality.

As you can see, the fundamental thing at this time is to act before it is too late since the economic impact will be important; however, the benefits of digital marketing can help in the future and even become the key piece to profit from this difficult situation.

How To Hire Digital Marketing For Your Business?

A professional marketing agency knows perfectly the potential that content can have for search engine positioning and the correct way to launch digital advertising campaigns and manage the online reputation of brands or customer treatment on social networks or other channels.

Many companies decide not to bet on having their marketing department due to lack of budget, or they simply decide that it is better to outsource this task. This is the precise moment in which you have to assess the requirements of the digital marketing agency to choose the most beneficial for your business.

Working with a professional digital marketing agency always brings advantages:

This will undoubtedly give you great peace of mind and therefore allow you to focus on other aspects of the company. This will also allow you to save time since surely the objectives will be achieved much earlier than if you choose to develop the strategy yourself or leave it in the hands of people with little training and/or experience.

After knowing some of the main benefits of having a professional digital marketing agency, it is time to find out what requirements it must meet in order to achieve the objectives set in your business.

In the first place, it is essential that the agency offers services according to the objectives of your brand since, in this way, your needs will be satisfied. In this aspect, there are 2 questions that are fundamental, for which contract is this agency? And why does this brand hire me? If both parties are able to know the answer, the road ahead will be much easier.

Among the main services that a digital marketing agency can offer is the creation of quality content in different languages, web analytics, SEO / SEM / SMM web positioning, social media management or community manager, ad development advertising, and even custom web development … etc.

The truth is that all these services and many others are essential when developing a real strategy to achieve the objectives set. On the other hand, the budget is also essential to know if the agency is the right one for your business or not, and for this, you have to be clear about how much you are going to dedicate to the online presence.

Communication with them is also a fundamental aspect to take into account, and that is that the relationship between the brand and the agency must be very close. You will realize this immediately since a professional marketing agency will be interested in your brand and the objectives set and will dedicate the necessary time for your business to get to know it thoroughly.

Finally, another fundamental requirement to hire a digital marketing agency for your business is the tools and/or technologies it uses to carry out its work.

This aspect is essential to be able to comply with the services they offer since some require specific resources. On the other hand, the quality of what they also produce directly depends on this, so it is a very important aspect to take into account to leave the reputation of your business in their hands.